Template for Gear VR ?

Google Cardboard SDK comes with a scene for Unity, which can be used to build your own scenes. For example, just adding a new environment to the SDk scene and getting a rid of red/green cube would provide a good “look what I can do” case for artists (either for fun, for portfolio or to entice programmers :slight_smile: ).

Is there anything like that for Gear VR and UE4 ? Something to just open, build and deploy and have it working out of the box with essential functionality ? Thanks.

Not really. There’s one that gets linked to frequently on a Google Drive, a lighting demo, but it’s not really what I’d like to see. Sam has mentioned that they were planning on doing something like this but as far add I’ve heard it’s not available yet. Would be nice if it included the standard back button menu to exit and everything. Hopefully soon.

So we also looked into this idea, and we ended up creating our own blueprint for android. Unfortunately not all android phones area de equal, and so far we’ve only successfully confirmed UE4 on the Samsung S6. I will post a thread shortly, sharing the blueprint and project assets.

Ah, good news. Thanks a bunch! Would you please include building, deploying and testing with Gear VR instructions ? (I have S6 Edge)

Epic has a quick start here that might point you in the right direction.

Cool, thanks. Although I can see why people use Unity - the scene setup and deployment process is infinitely easier with Unity :confused:

Engine choice honestly comes down to whichever platform you feel more comfortable with.

Which part of the Gear VR setup do you find yourself struggling with?