hey guys, i am having some trouble with teleporting my character.
i followed some tutes to make a point to point teleport and that all works great, however i also need the ability to teleport directly up relative to my current position. i am making a 3d side scroller for a school project, the idea behind it is that i have a copy of some rooms above the original ones, that are a sort of snapshot of the past, by changing things in the top room it allows you to progress in the bottom. this is my set up so far, when i use up to teleport i end up at what looks like the middle of the world, but way up in the sky at something like 0,0,10000

point teleport:

relative teleport:

ok so after trolling google for a few more hours i came across this setup

taken from "Local" Teleport? - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums