Teleporting player with oculus dk2 does not apply the correct rotation.

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I am trying to teleport the player from one point to another and I want to player to rotated the same direction as the point they are teleporting to. My blueprint works perfect when I am not using oculus but when I preview it with the headset the rotation is messed up.

Here’s a shot of my blueprint. I have tried many combinations of using the player’s yaw, adding to the yaw and no yaw. With this current version the correct yaw is applied only if the player has not moved the mouse, otherwise player maintains his last yaw before he teleported. Moving the mouse calls the function Add Yaw Input to rotate the player. Maybe that has something to do with it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello ClintonWalsh,

I saw that you are having an issue with the yaw for you oculus maintaining it’s yaw after spawning the player. I thought I would jump in here and let you know that this is a known issue (UE-11247) and that it has been sent to the developers for further consideration.

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Sorry, I can’t help, but I can confirm this behavior.

I am not able to set the Player Rotation during VR on. With VR off everything works fine.

I used many different combinations of “Set World Rotation”, “Set Control Rotation” and many other “Set … Rotations”.
My Test Player become really confused when they are facing a complete wrong direction after teleporting to a target point.

I am really looking forward for a fix of this.

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Thanks for the quick replies. It’s good to know I wasn’t just missing something really simple :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Rudy,

any updates on this? Having the same problem (player doesn’t look in configured direction of the player start actor on startup).

Hello spyro,

There is no new information on this issue at this time. However, I will provide the link to the original report for this issue. You will be able to receive updates there. I hope this helps.

Link: [4.7.1] Player yaw rotation is not reset on load level in VR - UE4 AnswerHub

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Can you use an arrow heading to call the way the player should be pointing, and then use a set rotation using that after the teleport?

Add Yaw Input works in VR. You can use it to set the controller’s rotation by subtracting the current yaw angle and dividing by input scale.

Just found this fix that works! Spent a ton of time trying to work this one out, just posted this same fix in my own help request post for the same issue. Hope it helps!


Basically here I am getting the location/rotation from an actor (no collision box) in world (PlayerTeleportBoxHenge) and using that to set the rotation. If you adjust the rotation of the box in world it sets the HMD to teleport to the location and start matching/facing the boxes rotation. And works! Finally.

I should say I am using the VR template by Mitchemmc, not sure if that makes a difference