Teleportiation often failing

I’m using the VR template teleportation setup and I’m having teleportation problems in one of my projects.

It has a full navmesh but often it won’t teleport to the location desired. It does the fade-out but then fades back in without moving, or moves less than intended. You can clearly see the edges of the navigable space using the arc-end marker but it just won’t go there.

One change I’ve made is to remove anything related to the roomscale bounds because I don’t care about them in the context. The idea was that the user could teleport into tight spaces and we didn’t care if the bounds wouldn’t fit. I’m not sure if this is related to what’s going on as it was having difficulty teleporting already.

The navmesh is quite narrow in places although I’ve opened it up as much as possible, but it definitely shrinks down to about body-width. Yet some of the places it’s having trouble reaching are wide open.

Any advice here?