Teleportation with Oculus in new project.

Hello everyone,

I got a small problem with the “standard” teleport function in UE 4.14.3.

When you build a new project, there is the option to make a new VR project with the possibillity to teleport through the level.
I migrate the Pawn etc. to get a bit familiar with all these functions to built my own things in the future. So the Blueprints are exactly like the standard ones.

The Pawn works correctly, the hands were getting attached to the pawn but im not able to teleport through the level.

Here you can see the problem. This blue line stucks right there.

Does anybody know what I’ve forgotten?

Thanks a lot and best regards!

I had something similar to this happen to me and it was becasue I did not have a navagation mesh placed and built inside of my level. The Nav mesh is needed as it is used by the teleporter to make sure you do not teleport into / through something you are not supposed to.


thank you very much for answering ans sorry for the late reply.
Ill give it a try, and yes, this makes sense. So i’ll try it and edit this post, when i got a result!

best regards!


Thank you well, works great!