Teleport works only 90% of the time

Hi! So, I migrate the whole teleport system from the VR Template to my existing project (which at that time only had a grabbing system and smooth movement, nothing that should mess with the Teleport) I use a Character Pawn with a capsule collision and for some reason the teleport is not 100% reliable. And it’s weird because I tried to teleport to a random location and i can’t but the moment I crouch, and try again, then I can teleport easily. My navmesh looks fine, my level does not even has elevation. Any tips on this?

I uploaded a video of the issue, oh and the “print string” on the screen is actually the “execute teleport” event. I put it to see if it’s grabbing a correct location. And it’s it just won’t teleport there.

A shot of my navmesh.