teleport vr is kind broken

Hi, I have search here possible fixes for this but can’t find anything that helps, this is my first VR scene and I really need some help here

This is a small training room and the results of build the scene on top of the motion controller template are:

  1. hand with 1 small line (not full draw the line for teleporting)
  2. hand with a ball (this results i can teleport, but the behavior is weird and only teleport by close steps)

things I have done:

  1. remove all custom collision from my meshes placed on the scene

  2. removed all simple collision from my meshes placed on the scene

  3. remove all nav mesh modifier from the scene

  4. setup only simple collision to the floor (it’s a straight floor with no elevations)

  5. delete the skybox from the scene, deleted the collison from skybox

  6. I aways rebuild the path before test

  7. check other locomotion navigation I saw on youtube, using thumbsticks didn’t worked too or worked pretty jerked

  8. I reimported (migrated) the stuff from a clean motion controller scene to this project, since i was edit the motioncontrollerpawn blueprint once to try make it works, but even with fresh files this still buggy

  9. the path navigation are full green, no red or weird stuff, i also tried to decrease the cell size on prefs

  10. the pawn is placed just above the floor and doesn’t matter if he is a bit under or bit outer the floor, not going to teleport anyway

I’m out of ideas, nothing works, really. I have upload a old version of the project to my google drive, it’s 4.8GB, anyone mind to take a look and save my hair and my health to not having an heart attack, lol?

can be look weird, but somehow teleport locomotion hates skyboxes, even not make any sense for me this was the culprit.

i just deleted my skybox from world outliner and like magic, teleport works again on the scene, previously I tried to remove collisions from this skybox and didn’t worked, now I need to figure out how to use skybox on my scene without break teleport, maybe adding an exclusion to the motioncontroller pawn bp? but i have no idea how to do this.