Teleport template's chaperone bounds not showing when packaged

With 4.13’s built-in VR template, Epic have given us a pretty handy teleportation function, which also includes a nice feature by way of showing the user their room boundary relative to their own position.

That’s enabled by a SteamVRChaperone component, which then calls the Get Bounds function.

Currently, I’m packaging my VR projects by simply building them as is… then creating a short cut and tagging -VR onto the end of the .exe

While this launches in VR, it fails to show the chaperone bounds when you hold the teleport button - even though it works perfectly fine in the editor.

Question is… is there a specific way to package SteamVR content? Or is there a bug in 4.13 where the packaged content doesn’t refer to SteamVR components?

I have just run into this problem after packaging my first ever Unreal game (yay!), which I made for the Vive. Unfortunately several vital components are built based on the chaperone component, and so once the game is packaged they just don’t spawn at all and the game is unplayable (boo). It’s demoralizing, I’m going to have to hardcode these elements, which is not ideal.

But I just wanted to comment and boost this post because this is still a problem. Is there any plan to fix it? Is there a fix out there that I haven’t found yet? This issue is still here: and still unresolved. The associated pull request goes to a 404 page.