teleport player by trigger click (on vive) if specific object is traced

hello, i am new in UE, so i need help with player teleportation. i used line trace for selecting specific object, but i don t know how to connect it to player teleportation blueprint.
thanks in advance.


There is a SetActorLocation node you can use. First trace the object like you were doing, then break the hit result up and grab the actor reference you are looking at and get its actor location. Then you set your player location to that vector location, usually I add a fading black effect so that it’s not so abrupt for the player. Below is two screen-caps of my teleport blueprint that I use for various things like if the player fell into water to reset their location back on land, etc…

The blueprint the player hits to be teleported:

The gameHUD function I use for fade black transitions:

You don’t see the hit result here because i didn’t use a line trance but the setup is exactly the same once you have the reference. more info here…

Hope this helps!

thank you very much !

Definitely! I know the images are a little blurry but the process is straightforward when you really think about it, just have to mess with the blueprint nodes a bit and it always clicks eventually.