Teleport on uneven terrain

I am having an issue with teleport. It works great on a plane that doesn’t change height. But when I am in my map that has an uneven terrain after teleportation to a new area up the terrain my player is now lower to the ground and stays that way. Is there a way to keep the player no matter where they teleport to where the terrain is at different heights the same height as they originally were?

I’m not sure if its the correct way but it is working for me. The problem is that I start in the level at the correct height at my player start, but when I teleport anywhere i shrink to the height of a medium sized dog. I added a Vector + Vector from the Get Teleport Destination to the Teleport Destination Location. Setting the Z to a higher number I can now teleport to the correct height. If anyone else has any input please let me know! Just curious as to why teleportation on uneven terrain makes my player height shrink.