Teleport node drops player into a wrong location - what am I doing wrong, and alternative method ?


Pretty weird, unless I am doing something wrong :confused:

Please advise. Thanks!

It’s hard to tell without more information, what engine version are you using? are you using a character or a pawn? what is your collision setup like for the player/the ground?
Why are you not using get actor location for the target point and instead using get world location of one of it’s components? If you’re doing it on begin play can you just use a spawn point instead?

If you are interested in some VR teleport stuff I made a couple of videos on it if it helps

I added more info into AnswerHub post. 4.11 release, player is straight from FPS template, level’s collisions are per polygon.

I am using GetWorldLocation because I figured I need Target Point actor’s world coordinates. I am not too proficient with BP and UE4 yet, so I wasn’t exactly sure how to get actor’s coordinates :confused:

I didn’t see any spawn points actors in UE4 :confused: Plus, even if I found it, I would need 2 of them, wouldn’t I ? (one for initial spawn in the black room, and one to be used as teleport destination) In this case, wouldn’t I have to make a BP to choose initial spawn point for player to spawn in?


EDIT: Works now. Apparently I need to use GetActorLocation. Thanks.