Teleport Issue on PlayerStart

Hello All,
I have a problem about a Teleport in my scene for VR (architecture project) to simulate a lift transfer from one floor to another upstairs.
I’ve created a teleport following this tutorial: How To Set Up a Teleporter in UE4 - YouTube

I’m using a PlayerStarter at the moment because I dont need third person character. If I follow perfectly the tutorial the “BeginOverlap” input work but it desn’t activate the final output so the view stays in the same position.
If I change the blueprint as the following image, the teleport work but it kicks the Player in the Y, Z correct coordinates (I use a destination actor to place the arriving point) but the X is right at the NavMeshBoundsVolume end.

Do you have any idea why I cannot land at the exact destination actor point??? (I’ve checked the collisions, they are ok)

here is the adapted blueprint:

Any Idea???

The problem still persists :frowning: