Teleport circle/arrow wont show

Having difficulties using the HMD locomotion pawn. The circle/arrow wont show in VR preview or in the packed version. The Pawn works just fine. I’m making a hotel room where the space is tight and its a lot off adjustments in the NAV mesh to make it show at all. Is there limit for how smal a space the HMD locomotion Pawn can be used?

If the circle/arrow doesn’t show, it means no valid teleport location could be pinned. It definitely could be a problem with your NavMesh. Did you try to play with the parameters in the RecastNavMesh level object and see if you can “open up” more spaces to navigate to?


Im pleased with the nav mesh. It now covers the available space. The question is: Does the ring need more space to hava a valid location. It works just fine in the area outside the room where the nav mesh covers more floor. The thing is inside this room I had to set the player radius 10 in the nav mesh. Does the “ring” need a minimum of 32?

I cannot check the blueprint logic right now, but it could be that if the teleport mesh/ring collides with something in the scene it is not spawned. You can try to scale the mesh down in the BP and see if it works that way.

Tried that, no luck.

Ok,it is difficult just to guess what could be wrong. Since we ruled out the obvious, you need a systematic debugging.

I suggest you start inserting Print String(s) along the blueprint flow, from the point where the teleportation button event is triggered all the way down to where the teleportation should actually take place.

Start each string with a sequence easy to find in the log (e.g. $$$ or similar) and give it a description of the step which it is associated to. Execute, try to teleport, quit and look at the log. Is all the sequence happening as expected? Or is it interrupting at a certain point?

In this way you can pinpoint which step goes wrong and we can take it from there.