Telegraph system

I am trying to create a telegraph system similar to wild star. My experience with VFX is very limited and I can’t find much tutorials that I think cover what I am trying to do specifically. As such can anyone here make some suggestions to how I could go about it Perhaps what system I should use to create it. IE. Through cascade and emitters? Here are some examples. Wildstar Telegraphs - Album on Imgur…

Is telegraph the combining of spells, or is it the visual cone-shaped range with its animation for the spell?

Visual cone-shaped range with and animation tied to it for the spell.

Look into decals.

the animation could be built in Cascade or Niagara…though Cascade is going to be dropped soon from what I’ve heard. The visual cone is better to get from a material or decals that can be enhanced with fx in Cascade/Niagara (such as a bright spot traveling around the cone border or something).