TEGRA wont install unless I have a installed Visual Studio 2010, which I cannot find

Hello, I am trying to set up for GEAR VR development but I am running into 3rd party program install issues. I am trying to follow the step by step for GEAR VR configuration in UE4 but it asked for APK and TEGRA install. When I tried to install that, I got an error saying I needed to install Visual Studio. I installed VS 2015 and then the error said I had to install VS 201, 2012 or 2013 VS. I installed 2013 VS Express and the error came back and said it only supported full versions of VS 2010, 2012 or 2013. Now I am having a hard time finding VS 2010. I have spent around 6 hours trying to download and set up UE4 and I am at my wits end. PLEASE HELP!

When I was setting up my environment for Gear VR, I don’t recall installing Tegra suite. As a matter of fact I didn’t use stuff provided with UE4. I simply downloaded SDK from Google and whatnot.

24d2c0e8982baaa35caf33e946cf9040e45b2f32.jpeg I keep getting this error when trying to install ADK and SDK. I cannot find 2010-2013 Visual Studio. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Why do you need Tegra package?! Samsung’s phones do not have Tegra SoC. You do not need to install anything Tegra/Nvidia related.

Just disable packages that require VS2010. As motorsep said, you don’t need all Tegra stuff. The only thing used from it by UE4 for GearVR deployment is actually basic Android SDK and ADB interface to upload app to device.

Thanks, I was trying to follow the UE4 docs and went down the rabbit hole. I have it all working now.