Team spawn system help

I am working on a multiplayer game. At the moment i have blue and red team. If one person join blue and one red then i works. But lets say both joins blue team. Then only one player spawn and the other one will never posses a player.
I am stuck in this and hope someone can help me why?

Gamemode when player joins:

Spawn function:

Starting point:

The rest is just the spawning feature there choce class and posses player. But i guess the problem is in the ones above…

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Hi, I’m not sure where the issue lies in your code, however here is how I handled it on my project:

Game Instance:

Game Mode:

Player Controller:

Team Selection Widget:

Level Blueprint:

I know it is super messy spaghetti-fest however it was the first multiplayer project I experimented on and I hope it helps in any way. I believe a better way to do it would be through Gamestate, maybe something like this:

I would suggest following Alan Loeb and Jonathan Isaksson on YouTube for detailed explanations/multiplayer logic. This video also might help:

Best of luck.