TAssetSubclassOf does not accept child classes of BP class

So I’m trying to TAssetSubclassOf as a UPROPERTY iit has been fine so far but I’ve come to a strange point.

The thing is I created a BP class based on my c++ class that describes a unit, I then created another BP class as a child of the previous BP class. So the inheritance is like this:

C++ class → BP (class 1) → BP (class 2)

and I’m trying to use the last BP class (class 2) in the declaration bellow.

	// The array that will be used to keep a reference to all the unit classes in the game
	UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadOnly, Category = "Units")
		TArray<TAssetSubclassOf<class ABiscuitUnit>> mBiscuitUnitsClasses;

When I try, I can select it in the BP but when I press save or compile the editor changes it back to the Mother BP class (class 1).

Now the 2th BP class is a child of the c++ class so I don’t really see why I can’t select it.

Btw the idea of having this inheritance is to have an easy way to change or maintain the child BP class of which I’m thinking of creating one for every unit the game uses.