TArray with elements saved in Config

I am wondering if we can have the following code:

TArray<float> MyFloats[COUNT];

And have CLASS(Config=Game) before the class declaration and expect the elements to be saved and loaded via the Game.ini file?

You can’t do TArray name[size]; The [size] part is invalid.

The rest is accurate.

I think not … because you can have an array of TArray no? But in this case, I meant to ask if I can get each element in a TArray work as if they are UPROPERTY(Config) …

You can’t use regular arrays with UPROPERTYs.

The above array of TArrays is not valid, but in general, static fixed size arrays are supported just fine as UPROPERTYs.

Ah ha. You are indeed right. You just can’t expose them to blueprints. I guess I never tried without that.

So are in a static fixed size array of type TArray … are each element UPROPERTY(Config) ?