TArray crash when adding items

when I edit the default values of the following array in Blueprints it crashes the engine. I just want an array of the class UVehicleWheels.


What am i doing wrong?

You’re looking to have an array of class instances not the class itself.
TSubclassOf will get you the class. It would be pointless to have an array of the same class would it not?
Not exactly sure why it crashes without seeing the crash log but you might want to edit that.

Perhaps something like:

TArray<class UVehicleWheel* >  WheelArray;

I also tested it out with TSubclass and had no issues editing default values.

TArray<TSubclassOf<UVehicleWheel>> VehicleWheelArray;

I dunno why but it would just crash when I added a second item or if I put anything in the first. I ended up creating a class, which also allows me to add more to for later on, like saving a tiremesh and to swap it out during runtime and such.

Weird though that it didn’t crash for you.