Tarragon: A 3D MMORPG

Hello everyone, welcome to my development thread!

I am a professional VB.Net and SQL developer, and I have always wanted to develop a 3D game. I started to develop a couple 2D games when I was younger, however 3D is always more fun. Even though my C++ skills are not as great as I would like them. Creating this game is helping me further my programming skills.

Now for the game!

Tarragon is a fantasy 3D MMORPG based in a world of Magic and chaos. A dark force is taking over. It’s up to you to protect the creatures and people of the five regions of Tarragon. Are you up to the challenge?

(Concept Art : Idea/Not Gameplay)

The controls are a mix between an FPS and your traditional spell casting MMORPG. Instead of using hot keys to cast spells, you will be able to switch spells with your mouse wheel and have a cool down system based on stats.

Long ago…there was a great war between fairies and dragons. For years, the human race was kept out of the war. However, the war soon came to a stand still. With no end in sight, dragons and fairies began teaching humans their powers. Humans learned how to harness the powers of nature, and became skilled with magical weapons and spells.

Trying to end the war…the Emperor Dragon and the King of The Fairies fought.

As they fought, they destroyed the landscape as they went. They broke the continent into five pieces. Each being dominated by different natural elements.

Zephyr: Windy/Snow Covered Mountains (Air)
Pyre: Volcanoes and Lava Rivers (Fire)
Terrene: Desert (Earth)
Cataract: Marsh/ Wet Lands (Water)
Akin: Forest/Grassy Plains (Nature/Neutral)

Story Continues…
At the final battle, both leaders were destroyed along with many warriors. With no alternative the elders of both races met and developed a sense of peace. They both agreed to go their separate ways and stay away from the humans.
Years after the war. A dark force is beginning to rise from the shadows. They believe they are the superior class, and only they should have knowledge of magical abilities. They call themselves the Dark Aura.

~~ The 4 Classes ~~

Dragon Discipline
Dragon wizards are Strong, badass, sinister, dark, brute and terrifying. They are the type of people you do not want to run into in a dark alley. Their spells are focused on inner power and are mainly hand-to-hand and some distant spells.

Dragon Knights
Dragon Knights are close combat players. They use magic close range weapons like swords and axes. Along with weapons they can also use spells to improve their strength and defenses (Fire Punch/ Ice Shield).

Dragon Mage
Dragon Mages are ranged players. They use large, area of effect, single attack spells. These spells are extremely powerful, but have a longer cool down time and takes a lot of mana.

Fairy Discipline
Fairy wizards are whimsical, playful, peaceful, but don’t let your guard down. They are extremely intelligent. Their spells are focused on outer power and are mainly distant spells using weapon and tools/gadgets. They use the elements around them to strengthen their powers.

Fairy Knight
Fairy Knights are close combat players, but use long range magic weapons like crossbows and spears. Like Dragon Knights they also use their magic to improve their strength and defenses.

Fairy Elemental
Fairy Elementals are ranged players. They use small, targeted, multiple attack spells. Even though these spells are weaker than the Dragon Mages, they have a much shorter cool down time, lower mana required, and can cast much more rapidly.

Class Comparision
How do fairies and dragons compare you wonder? Fairies have double the speed of dragons, but ½ the attack power. Dragons are slower but have extremely strong attacks. There is a basic 2 to 1 ratio. However, with the help of stats, items, and skills you can easily turn the tides.
Conparision Chart.png

Once you have chosen your class, you begin your journey to become a Grandmaster. No matter what class you choose, you will be able to learn spells of the four main elements, Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. You can either focus on one or a combination of elements who are taught by elemental grandmasters for your class.
The overall game play is this. You are a young wizard trying to work your way up the ranks. You go from student, to apprentice, to wizard, to finally Grandmaster. Each level having a ABC rank, C Rank being the lowest. The more you train, the more powerful and bigger your spells become. As a student you are weak and new to the vast magical world. You need help! The game will be loaded with player guilds.

To raise your experience, there will be quests/jobs available:

Storyline Quests:
The plan is for every region to have it’s own conflict with the Dark Knights and become the hero of the region, and become protector of it’s people from the dark forces. Each region will have a conflict with the Dark Knights inspired by the region’s resource’s and element.

General Jobs:
These quests are for those who either do not want to join a guild and play solo, or do not want to do guild related quests. The quests that will be given are randomized and will be hunt, retrieve, and gathering quests.
EX: Kill 5 npcs, collect drops, or go find items.

Guild/Party Jobs:
Guilds will be given randomly generated, assigned, or offered jobs. These jobs will be used to boost guild reputation, and help out guilds. These jobs can range from delivering items between NPCs, killing and collecting, Boss monster battles, taking out other guilds or players etc. You can either be the friendly guild or the group that everyone is afraid of. The choice is yours.

Npcs will match the environments they are found in. They will also have a mythical aspect to them (like the deer). Like flaming particle and glowing effects.

The graphics are a mix between World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. It is slightly more realistic than World of Warcraft, but still retains the animated effect. The models have a hand painted texture.

Additional Examples:


Development so far:

  • Database Editor System (For Runtime Edits)
  • Client updater created
  • Login/Register System
  • AI random movement
  • Quest system
  • Equipment system

Database Editor

Spawn Point
In-game - Basic lighting (will be fixed eventually when I get an environment designer)


It looks awesome so far!
How did you create the objects and animals?

The art team uses Maya. I contracted an art team to make me some assets for a demo so I can try and get funded.

Hello ErraOfWar,

I really like what you’re doing with this game project, especially because its a Fantasy-Themed FPS. Why a MMO? I assume you’re using VB for your Editors GUI. I considered this, but, elected to develop the Editing Suite for my Game with Blueprints using a UMGUI Frontend/Backend:



My motivations: Embeddable in other UE4 game products (marketplace), Network Replication for Multi-user Support and data sharing, Code Reuse. I can understand you’re back in VB being useful, however, have you considered UMG?

The reason I chose MMO is because they are my favorite. I enjoy the unpredictability of players.

My game editing suite is it’s own standalone application. Eventually, like any MMO or FPS I will need multiple instances of my server running for different maps etc. This may cause me to need multiple servers/machines which would have their own instance of MS SQL. So my app will let me connect to anyone of them I need and make real time changes without affecting my players. It is also written in VB.Net which I have more control. All my game data is saved out to a SQL database, rather than in the engine.

Player unpredictability sounds like a Security Risk, lol, but I understand what you mean. I have a similar requirements to manage 100s+ user-operated servers. I’m too lazy to build from scratch, so I’m developing with a web-based api: Wordpress (php, html5, javascript).

You mention programming, are you also creating the concept and 3d artwork too? If so, very impressive.

I do the programming/blueprinting and over all game ideas. I have actually contracted an artist to do my few assets so I can get a demo out.