Targeted RHIs D3D11 ONLY ??

Hi is it possible to target D3D11 only in the Editor (with a D3D12 GPU)?
I have a Nvidia 980ti.
I’m porting a native D3D11 plugin into UE4 and would like to get it working before adding D3D12 support.

The 980Ti supports DX11 and DX12, (and DX10, DX9, etc.)

Yes I know (this isn’t a GPU question). The question is can the UE4 Editor be forced to use “Direct3D11” ONLY.
NOT D3D12?
I don’t want D3D12 being used in the Editor. Is there a way to force this?

I think you would just switch your game to DX11, DX12 shouldn’t even be enabled unless you enabled it, since it’s still experimental. Honestly, I’d avoid DX12 with UE4 at the moment because it’s not doing much.

Ok awesome, tnx for the info.