Target Graphics cards in UE4.12.5?

Hy guys, i am making a game (6 months from start) and it goes so well optimized, at least in my pc (Gtx 960, i7), 62 fps stable (capped at 62) even with 200 npcs moving around in my screen, but i started to test with graphic cards like Nividia gt 540m (5 years ago laptop, i5, asus) and fps drop to 35 fps in low settings (200 npcs moving around dont affect fps, they could even be 400, and no drops), and then i started to make questions to myself, and now i ask to u, if u know how ue4 handles graphic cards.

It is like, only opening unreal in a main menu gives 35 fps, is like unreal engine motor is the main problem to this graphic card, nor even the game itself, so i ask if playing it with a 960 gtx 2gb Ram is bad for testing performance, and please me to ask too which is the minimum graphic card to target around in ue4, which is the graphic card gamma which handles ue4 at 60-62 fps only, minimum target card recommended to play games made by new versions of ue4, disregarding on the game inside. Gt 540m cant run even a blank project without fps drop, its like weird, someone can explain something of those questions?

Thank you.

For targeting low-end systems, what works best is to have a system with the specs you want to have as your minimum specs and while you develop your game you test it on that system to get things optimized. UE4 will have some high requirements by itself, but performance also depends on what you do with it like graphical features. I wouldn’t target something too old, since that can take a lot of work to optimize the game for that and it’s not necessarily going to be worth it. Take a look at the Steam hardware survey and look at the hardware that most people use. You can also check other games to see what their minimum requirements are to give you an idea what you might target.

Thank u so much, Darthviper. So well explained, i will check in Steam and other games at my style done in Unreal Engine (Ark for now i think, talking about open World MMO).

Thanks! <3