Taking HQ Shots

I have a problem with taking HQ pictures sequence.
I.e. I need make sequence of still images ( not exactly a movie ) shot from here , shot from there as typical frame rendering in off-line renderer.
In game mode screen shots triggered by command line SHOT gives fantastic result - best image quality ( sharp, no reflection artefacts, etc ), but here is a problem with Focal Length and Aperture.

In sequencer Render Movie button gives sequence of images but every single one is uggly even if I set 1 keyframe per second ( with speed 15fps ) in Constat Interpolation curve.
Theoretically it should give me sequence of 15 the same images for every second, but every single one has difference in quality, and overall quality is not good like I can have in Game Playmode ( when I use SHOT command ).

What to do to have GameMode Shot fantastic image quality with sequencer and avoid this “GPU quality flickering” in every single frame ?

I find out - thanks Taras - he helped me!
In console need to use r.ScreenPrecentage above 100 ( ie 200, 250 ) and r.ScreenPrecentage.Editor 1 if you want to make this effect visible in Editor ( but it distrubs in proper object selection or gizmo usage for moving ).