Syphon/Video Mapping

Hi is there a chance to get any Syphon plug-in or something to get an Unreal project through a mapping softaware of even better a video mapping plug-in or built-in feature?

Considering that you guys already do architectures projects,
It could be cool to consider live visuals and installations immersive and interactive.

Unity seems to get some features for videomapping, but I don’t like Unity.

And I say syphon and not spout I know that we can do it on Windows with Spout but not with MAC syphon.

Hi! I’ve created a blog post about utilizing Spout for video mapping in Unreal Engine 4. I hope it helps.

Thanks ZimaXXX. It looks nice. But at my job we are now on MAC so considering that Spout is only for Windows. We don’t have the choice to go to Unity and Syphon.

If one day somebody take Syphon for Unreal it will be amazing.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!