Synchronising Equipment on Animated Replicated Character


I’m having a bit of an issue :/. I’m using a server spawned character that replicates to the remote clients. The character also carries a piece of equipment in his hand (a dynamically spawned equipment actor that is attached to his hand socket). The character animation is replicated by replicating the variable in the character blueprint that states the characters animation state (which then lets the characters animation blueprint run locally as suggested by someone). The character moves and is animated correctly on the remote client as on the server when the equipment he is carrying isn’t set to replicate, but when I set the carried equipment to also replicate, the character moves in the right direction but jumps all over the pace. My thinking is this is because the character and equipment locations are replicated, but the characters animation runs locally and is probably out of sync with the server, so as the equipment is attached to the characters hand the character keeps jumping about between the characters replicated location and his location as calculated from the replicated equipment considering its point in the local animation.

I guess this must be a common situation (replicating a character who is carrying some equipment). Does anyone know the standard way of doing this? At the moment I’m considering not replicating the equipment, but spawning it separately on each remote client and manually setting its transform each tick to the replicated characters socket transform?

Many thanks…

Sorry, just found how to do it. When spawning the characters equipment, the character needs to call a multicast event on themselves, it’s then the triggered multicast event that spawns and attaches the equipment separately on all of the remote clients…