Symbols not working, no matter what I try


Up until a month orso ago I could perfectly debug dump files, run vspx files and analyze my code. However at one day, (day before it perfectly worked) it just didn’t want to show me any info anymore aside from [UE4Editor-Core.ddl] and sortlike names.

Since then I haven’t had any luck actually getting it to work, the output log says
"Loaded symbols from report for \Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.18\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor-PackagesDialog.dll"
and the same for all other symbols, but it just doesn’t show any information other than the dll name(Picture attached).

I didn’t change any of the symbol paths, and they are set to load 4.18 and the project’s and the Binaries of the plugin. pdb files for engine are present, pdb files for project are present and pdb files for plugin, and they update and regenerate too when I compile.

I’ve updated VS17, installed more dev kits from Windows than needed, rebooted multiple times and deleted intermediate to force a reload on all of it, but nothing works. Breakpoints in debug mode works just fine.

Anyone an idea what could be causing this? ’

Did you ever get an answer to this, as I’m running into the same problem running VS 15.7.4 (VS 2017) against UE 4.19.2.

me too with ue4 4.25.1 and vs2019