Sychronize with render thread

I have a non-game/non-render thread that I would like make some directX calls during the small window after the render thread has updated to the front buffer and before it starts processing new incoming render commands. I saw that FFrameEndSync/FRenderCommandFence is available for the game thread, but that apparently won’t work for my non-game thread.

What should I be using to get an indicator/callback/whatever so that I can use that small window without causing disruptions to normal render processing?

Seems like it would be easily added with an event or callback where the RenderCommandFence is.

FRenderCommandFence is only usable by the game thread, but there isn’t a deep reason for that. Any thread can send a task to the render thread and poll or wait for completion of the task…that is how FRenderCommandFence is implemented.

Let me know if you get some clean hooks, then we can integrate back into mainline for you.

Hi Nick,

So far we’ve ended up using the FTickerObjectBase with an FEvent to signal when the renderer has finished - so no new hooks.