Sword Trail Not Rendering

Hello, been having trouble getting these Sword Trails by “ryanzeng” (FxER Stylized Slash in Visual Effects - UE Marketplace) to show up. I have the proper sockets set up the Socket where the trail will start and where the trail will end. The trails for the AdvancedMagicFX12 pack work just fine with the sockets I made, but when I use it with ryanzeng’s sword trails doesn’t seem to show up.

The image on the left is using the AdvancedMagicFX12 Trail, and on the right it’s tyanzeng’s “FxER Stylized Slash”.

So to summarize my issue is that the FxER Slash trails aren’t showing up, while the one for the AdvancedMagicFX12 is. Am I doing something wrong?

(Video Here: 2021-08-21 22-32-34.mp4 - Google Drive )