Switching to Unity 5

Sorry but the program glitched on me and will only load my games with super low quality. I have an MSI labtop and actually got it just for this program to make games for free. But since the program won’t cooperate I am forced to pay about $700 for what I could’ve done for free. Unless someone can tell me how to fix the graphics issue I am switching to Unity sorry but it’s just really really annoying


I may be able to help, a couple of questions,

what MSI laptop is it?(hardware…ect)

what do you mean by the program glitched on you?

what graphics issue are you having exactly?

If Unity is forcing you to spend $700, you should contact the authorities or an attorney. Under US law that is called extortion which carries stiff penalties.

Seems like one of those pricey gaming laptops. The thing is,they are built for games not for producing games. You need more powerful hardware than your game needs. However they should be enough,even for big project with some sacrificies. UE works very well,even on my archaic machine.Also try to optimize your project. Like do you have hundreds of meshes around,or overly using Post Processing or Particles,or whatever.

he seems to just be a troll… unity don’t cost $700 lol

Perhaps a sharply worded email to MSI referring to their general audacity in building a laptop that will only run Unity 5 ?

He is referring to the Unity Pro which costs $1500 or $700 if you are upgrading from an earlier Pro version.

You need to describe your issue better, so we can help you. You don’t seem to be responding, so I assume you have fixed the issue or moved on?


Reminds me of when I got an email regarding someone’s computer burning out, bricking after playing my demo…1 our 10,000 users of my demo had their computer brick. lol Surely the problem is my demo and not their computer or maintenance upkeep (end sarcasm). I never worked support, so it was tough trying to figure out how to reply without sounding like a ****.

What used to work in the 90s was either some technobabble about sunspot activity or touching a floppy disk without a grounding wristband :wink:

I probably will get flak for this, but Unity 5 has all the features of Unity 5 Pro, just with a splash screen. As far as your resolution problem, without an example, some screenshots, ect, we can not help you.

Hi MoneyMaker,

I’m a bit confused as to what specific error you are seeing. I’ll be happy to take a look, though! If you could, please make a post on the answerhub in the bug reports section at http://answers.unrealengine.com. In this post, please list what specifically occurred that is causing an error for you and post a copy of your dxdiag. Thank you!

Check Settings → Engine Scalability Settings and see if it’s set to Epic. If not, there might be your problem. Just a blind guess.
If this won’t work…
… Have your tried turning it off and on again?

Not to start a war but you can’t generalize like that imo. Building games on a gaming system (laptop or desktop) is better than not doing it. You get to see more accurately what it will run like on your target platforms and optimize as you go along. Unless it is a cheapo business machine then yes, agree. Pricey gaming laptops these days are quite different from how they used to be. For instance, my laptop has a desktop CPU running at 4.3Ghz and an 8GB 980M graphics card whereas my art / development desktop machine has dual CAD cards in it but is **** for game development as the cards are not optimized for DirectX shaders.

Just saying :slight_smile:

The UE4 editor requires a powerful system, you can export your game to a laptop to play it.

Working on a game with a <19inch screen, is not very smart…

Unless you work away from the office and have to move about a lot with work. I don’t fancy moving my liquid cooled workstation with its 3 27" screens everywhere. So I take my Laptop. Its a 3 year old M18 and does everything my beast of a workstation can do.

You can’t code while moving though.

Why? Or do you mean whilst walking along? At which point I agree. As a man all I can do whilst walking is drinking eating, talking, texting and peeing. Haha

Eating and walking at the same time is an advanced technique though :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Oh and peeing? When I see ppl do that they won’t for sure code anymore. lol

Yeah. Everytime uploaded some Heineken drivers to the high memory area, I get a memory leak very soon which results in a warm boot :stuck_out_tongue:
Coding is then out of the question :slight_smile: