Switching Texture Resolutions?

So I have question that I think would be very simple to solve but just can’t figure it out / can’t find it online. I made a map with a fairly large amount of foliage and it runs ok but if you swing your mouse to look around too fast it dies, runs from 60-80 frames then drops to like 2.
Long story short all of the foliage models are all 2k / 4k textures but I have lower resolution textures for the trees shrubs and etc. Would there be a way to make it if the player is so far away from the part of the forest, it would switches to a lower resolution, and vice versa

Any help would be greatly appreciate

The editor already does that through the use of mipmapping if your textures are a power of 2. If you view the texture, you should see how many mips are generated, when the texture is compressed, based on the base resolution.

I can guarantee texture resolution is not the issue with your frame rate though. Chances are, it’s pixel/vertex overdraw or dynamic shadows. Have you profiled it to verify?

I apologize I am relatively new at this, so how/what are the steps I would need to do to profile it?

Rendering best practice

If you wish you can add your own custom material requirements as part of the LOD of the model. Shader complexity can cause performance issues more so in the area of overdraw. Use ALT 8 to turn on visual of the level of shader complexity. Anything in the red is bad and on foliage is caused by the use of transparent shader masks. Also make extensive use of the foliage tool as it does the performance tuning work for you.

Also, if it’s slowing down as you’re moving the camera around, that’s likely due to how it will automatically hide/display foliage so that only the foliage within your view is processed. A performance drop like that could be due to your hardware specs, you’d need to adjust the view distance of foliage and the density.