Switching from unity to unreal engine

Hi there, althought I’m unity user solo developer, and I looking for something to speed up my dev times.
I’ve been attracted by unreal engine for long time, but to be honest, c++ is my great problem.
I know c++, but I’m more confortable with c#.
The main reasons, for my interest in UE4, are blueprints and some tedius stuff found in unity:

  • no blueprints at all, you have to buy a plugin
  • splash screen in free version are unity branded
  • teleport problems and then collision problems,(and others) so you have to cheat the system to make 'em works.
  • editor layer and engine layer problems
  • new ui is not really good

I develop 2d/3d simple game , just like pinball (3d) or rougelike games something like ketchapp

I also create plugin for speed up my dev workflows, so my question are these:

  • For simple game, how is fast to develop in unreal engine, any experince of weekend games (card game, packman clone ecc.)?
  • can I to use c# (https://mono-ue.github.io/) defects
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZtZWS4JNno is a student project, and he said which help a lot use of blue prints,
    so can be a proof of productivity, and the use of blueprints of UE4?
  • anyone switch from unity to UE4?
  • if in a app show ads of my own site where you can buy something I have to send royalty to epic?


Even if you use C# in UE4 you have to use 4.15 or 4.14 which isn’t that bad imo and you can’t just copy + paste the code.

If you read this it should be way easier to transition: Unreal Engine 4 For Unity Developers | Unreal Engine Documentation

Personally. I find UE4 to be the fastest, and easiest tool for 3d game development than anything I’ve ever used.
If you have an idea of what you want a scene to look like. You can create it pretty fast.
Ue4 paper 2d doesn’t have tons of support, and tutorials like unity.
Whatever earnings your game makes is just 5% which makes things simple, and easy.
You get the “Pro” license without having to subscribe.
If you know any type of code. Your good with cpp, and blueprints.
Cpp has millions of tutorials available. So does visual scripting.


Thadkinsjr and Sauriss,

to me isn’t clear just 2 things:

what U mean with “Whatever earnings your game makes is just 5% which makes things simple, and easy.” I’m not English and I don’t understand what’s meaning of that phrase, what is the subject, 5% about what? c++?

Sauriss why I’ve to use 4.14 or 4.15 4.16 isn’t supported yet? thanks

You can get old school arcade games up and running in a day or two.

Theoretically yes, but it’s unsupported. If you run into problems then you’re on your own.

Blueprint has it’s limitations, but for the most part you can do quite a lot with it. You’re unlikely to find a limitation if you’re just making basic games.

Possibly, but if in doubt, contact Epic. This is kind of an edge case since the game itself isn’t sold, but used to advertise other products.

really thanks ambershee, and thanks for answer quick and clear to all my questions :), great c++ shoudn’t be a great problem, I used it for 5 year during '90 and recently 4 years ago. If the most part is possible to build (as u wrote) with blueprints all seems good! But the key of all is when you wrote “You can get old school arcade games up and running in a day or two.” this is what my ears happy are to hear! I hope only that learning curve is not long. Unity is great but have a lot of “bugs” and you need to know them to avoid, this is what make me to think about switching to UE4 thanks