Switching FirstPerson and VR

Hi All,

Anyone can kindly advise & help me, please?
I am trying to assign keys to switch between VR and FirstPerson.
This is what I have done :

  1. I started with default VR template.
  2. By default there is no gamemode, so I created a game mode for the VR.
  3. Then I added new inputs, pawn, playercontroller and gamemode for FirstPerson.
  4. After that, I assigned different keys to switch pawn possession.
    In this case if I press **F **it will posses FirstPerson Pawn and if I press **V **it will posses VR Pawn.

The FirstPersonPawn works, however when I press V the VR doesnt work.
Below is the link to the file, in case anyone can help have a look and advise what/where I did wrong.

Thanks in advance!!
ps. I am using HTC Vive btw.

Hi All,

Nevermind, I think I’ve found the solution.
Enable HMD node and Console Command: vr.bEnableStereo 1

Thanks anyway.