Switching Control Modes

If I wanted to start my game with a splash screen to determine the type of controls, between VR (Oculus), keyboard, and gamepad, depending on who’s using it, how might I switch between those three modes, if possible?

Assuming straightforward controls you don’t need to switch anything.

Out of the box, UE will respond to a ‘jump’ command from all 3 controllers.

Take a look at the InputActionJump node in your player character. It’s a generic node that can be triggered from anywhere. The configuration of that ‘anywhere’ is in the project settings:

Say from the splash screen though, if I have 3 UI elements that let the player decide which Input they want to use (between VR, keyboard, and gamepad), how would I do that?

Even at that point, you have the default mapping. Then you can change using BPs: