Switching between multiple pawn

So am trying to make a puzzle game. no much toturial on YouTube and also google.i recently watched a video on YouTube and would like to make the same puzzle system but different so this is the link to the video first

I just want to learn how he create the first puzzle
And who he switch the camera and lastly the selection.have gone through Google and found nothing. How did he switch between actor and still able to use button to rotate it???

  • make each puzzle a Pawn actor
  • each one has its own controls
  • possess the Puzzle Pawn
  • when you’re done with a puzzle, possess the original character back

Another, very cheap way to learn is to buy it and take it apart.

How to use switched between multiple pawn and still have a fixed camera pawn.
Have deleted the other copies first time posting

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Could you explain what this means? What does it mean to: still have a fixed camera pawn

Bringing this from the PM:

  • the player walks up to the puzzle in a 3d world
  • when we press the button while looking at the puzzle, we switch to the puzzle minigame
  • the camera zooms in onto the puzzle
  • each puzzle has its own rules and controls
  • when another buttons is pressed, we quit the puzzle, switch to the pawn camera and can move around again

Is this what you’re trying to do?

He click the actor then switch to another actor and was changing his rotation.

Oh and he used a box trigger to switched to a camera if u watched the video

  • add box collision to puzzle pawn
  • when the player presses a key, get overlapping actors
  • possess

Thanks what about the image that was selecting the actor or pawn with the move button

What image? You mean highlighting the puzzle pieces after possession?

Please watch the video

Add those meshes to an array and cycle through them with a key, you can add pretty lights to make it look more attractive and obvious:

Now that you know which one is selected, you can apply some logic.

How to add the light And the rotation then open door? sorry am kind of new to blueprint


Use either Point or Spot.

For rotations, use a Timeline.

How to add the light And the rotation then open door? sorry am kind of new to blueprint

You are talking about real fundamentals. This is something that has been covered hundreds if not thousands of times.

Search the forums, search on YT.

Not selecting or changing the current actors to the next

Is this actor a Pawn?
Is it possessed?

It a actor
No it not possess

Is it possessed, is the input firing?

No it the input not even working also
Do u try it in your project was it working?

  • how are you testing it?
  • are you sure you’ve possessed the WW Puzzle pawn - on your screenshot it looks as if you did not
  • can you tell what class the puzzle actor is (it’s in the upper right corner Parent Class: ???)
  • please show how you’re possessing it - the script

I didn’t posses it but have done it. And the code is firing through using print string to check.also how to highlight them to know which pawn am currently on like the picture up