Switchboard can’t read devices from nDisplay config file

Hello all,

Trying to get ICVFX working in 4.27, and I think I’m almost there, but when attempting to add my nDisplay .uasset config file (as set up in the new in-editor GUI config tool) to Switchboard, I get these errors:
Error while parsing nDisplay config file “C:\Users\tim[…truncated]\nDisplaynDisplay_InCamVFX_Config.uasset”: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)
Could not read any devices from nDisplay config file C:\Users\tim[…truncated]

Any ideas what I might be missing? Haven’t seen any documentation on the new stuff yet, so I’m picking my way through by trial and error.

I get that error whether I use the stock configuration in the ICVFX template or my own configuration (which is just a single display).

Incidentally, I also can’t find nDisplayLauncher/Listener in the 4.27 Preview 4 Engine/Binaries folder. I could have sworn it was there in 4.27 Preview 3, though…

-Tim Nolte
Maskil Productions