Switch graphic API

Hello, community.

I’ve been looking for a way to check does user’s hardware and operation system supports DirectX12 or not. (for Windows)
The idea is to give to user possibility to switch graphic api after restarting (or on start) game. (Maybe enabling/disabling RayTracing after restart as well)
I looked for some kind of API in RHI, but the library is too big that I could not find necessary tools.

I’ve never dealt with DirectX or Vulkan or OpenGL (except for drawing a pair of triangles). Maybe i should choose only one?

Opengl is really slow relative to directx and is removed mostly, vulkan is only partially supported both on hardware and ue4 due to it being really new, directX is the normal, and has been for a long time. You only have to be concerned about launching in DX12 or DX11. DX10 is only for ultra-potato computers.