Switch between post process volumes seamlessly


I’d like to achieve an effect in the blueprints, where on an player input (H key pressed), one post process volume slowly fades out and another post process volume fades in. These post process volumes would have pre-defined settings.

From what I’ve found out, it’s much easier to work with two post process volumes, instead of changing parameters on just one post process volume in blueprints.

Any help would be much appreciated.


For crossfade mode, you need use two PP volumes anyway. But the numbers of effects can be unlimited.

This is example of scene setup. Set Blend Weight parameter to zero for both volumes.

In Level Blueprint you need to create four variables.

1 PP_Setup is array of postprocess settings.

2 effectsIndex - integer, default - 0

3 effectsNumber - integer, in my example 6 (from 0 to 5)

4 switch - boolean, default False

This is setup PP volumes.

This is Timeline. First key: t=0, v=1. Second key: t= 1, v=0

This is result

Thank you so much!

This is fantastic! The only thing I’d change is make the Begin Play event change the settings of the volumes by using a For Each Loop and making a variable of Post Process Volumes and cycling through them all to change the settings based on the array you already have of PP_Setup.
Same results either way, but it would be a tiny bit less time consuming if you have a ton of volumes