Switch between dx11 and dx12

How does one switch between dx11 and dx12 ingame (with reset)?

I tried looking, but it doesn’t seem like there is an option to do this. Unless I’m missing something. I found this from a few years ago.

Looks like you can use command line arguments on the shortcut, but this is kind of hacky and not a great solution.

Fortnite does it, so does deep rock galactic (another ue4 game). So, there must be something atleast

I think what’s happening here is there are two programs in the game.
The first program is taking care of managing your options. So, when you ask to use DX12, it will start the actual game with those command line options.


Sure thing. This is just speculation, I might not be how Fortnite works.

  • When you start Fortnite, it first launched a shell application.
  • That’s not the game, but a helper app
  • Then the user can select DX11 or DX12
  • Based on that, this shell application invokes the actual game with related command-line arguments.

That certainly could work.