Swirl animation Material

So I made swril material like this. Is it possible to somehow animate it to srink in center? Something like “looped shrinking material”. I wont something like vortex effect, rotation is not what I want. Is it possible to do something like Panner, but it should “scale out texture”?

swirl.gif This is what I want to make with material. Is it possible?

Easiest way is to make some spiral mesh with UVs oriented in U or V and pan texture with it.

With material I think it’s possible using rotator and some UV scaling. Probably you can get TexCoord, multiply it on fraction of Time + some instructions to center it to (0.5, 0.5) coordinate.

Maybe you will find flow maps useful for this,
If you take flow map with vortex vectors, like this one:

You can achieve this effect easily.

Here is example:

Right now I don’t have good vortex texture, but I’ll check.

Yes, this works. Also I tried to make is using “Vector to Radial Value” with panner. But I got a problem with seam texture. I don’t know how to get rid of it, in vector coordinates there is no seam.

How to do it? Is it possible to get vector to center for each pixel and use FlowMaps?

Hi. I found vortex and upwelling flowmaps with resolution 512x512.
Maybe it would be useful.

Yes, these are really high-quality, thank you. I tried today to make myself one with gradient, it is not very easy.

This was generated in Houdini )

I’ve found that some people are trying to download flowmap textures from old links.
For now you can find the whole flow maps project on GitHub - https://github.com/redcatbox/WaterFlow

Ever tried

It’s actually perfect to generate something like the vortex manually.