Swing Replication Issue,HELP ME

hi,i make a function for swing,but when i try replicate it,i came across this question(use listen server):on server,it replicate,but on client,the animBP does not work,and also the swing animation,i can not figure out it for a long time!
HERE is the project: Swing.rar - Google Drive
here is the video:SwingReplicate - YouTube

anyone can help me? when i play on client,and debug it on server,the AnimBP->Event Blueprint Update Animation did not work?

I find the replication which like this:Network fast movement replication! Please Help! - #10 by Demnus
and i tick the check box of “Ignore Client Movement Error Checks and Corrention”
,it can improve this issue,but when i play on client,the server which replication of the client Animation still not work just like what show on the video