Swimming Collisions | Capsule rotation


I made a swimming physics volume, added everything needed about the “actions”.
I added a swimming animation once my character is swimming and everything works fine.
BUT Now, my character no longer stands vertically, so how can I adapt collision capsule ?
I tried adding a second one : it falls throw the ground, It looks like UE4 doesn’t like a capsule inside another one (?).
I also tried rotating it horizontally when getting into water, but the CharacterMovement will rotate it again.

What are the best solutions to make it right ?

Thank you

Some time ago, I found a solution. When entering the water volume and changing the movement, I rotate the pawn and also change te movement, so the character will move horizontally. (My Game Mode is a SideScroller)

:slight_smile: yes, I did quite a lot of research and experimentation and ended up with a similar approach to Psychojau…