Swimmable Water Volume Tutorial Issue

Im folling this ue4 tutorial to make a swimbable water volume and I guess its a little out of date cause ive had to work around a couple things that have been changed but two things I cant seem to figure out it how to get the water material appear on the bottom of the plane as if you were looking up underneath and also how to get it to cast a shadow based on like the water volume texture like how water casts a shadow in a pool. Ive tried the shadow two sided and the translucent setting but i cant get these two things to work for the life of me. Thanks in advance

Hey dsmccurdy92,

Glad to see my tutorials are being put to use :slight_smile:

Thank you for reminding me this needs to be updated as I will do so as soon as possible. So in order to see the water from the underside, you will want to check the ‘Two Sided’ option of the materials properties.

As for the Translucent shadow of the water itself, you will want to make sure your main light source, assuming it is a directional light, has the ability to cast translucent shadows. You will also want to make sure your translucent shadowing is set up correctly within your material so the shadow is correct.

Let me know if you are still having trouble after following the suggestions and I will be happy to help.