Swim-able water body tutorial

Hi all,

I’ve searched through the forums and docs but have been unable to find a tutorial or guide as to how to create a swim-able water body (think a lake or an ocean that the player can jump into, dive down in and swim using a different set of physics). If somebody knows of one or if one is being developed, please let me know. Otherwise I’ll give it a crack and see if I can fumble my way through it and if successful, probably post a video tutorial or similar.


i have made it in a similar way to UDK

instead of a UT water volume most physics based stuff in all in the one volume. Physics volume. scroll down and check the water option, and set the reduced speed in fluid friction. you can then add post processing to add the hue and DOF effect as normal


I also can’t get swimming to work. If I make a physics volume and check water, when I jump into it, my players movement just freezes. This even happens in a blank project. Anyone else having this problem?

You probably need to set your KillZ to a lower amount in the world properties.

My character isn’t touching the KillZ though. I’ve tried putting the water volume even above where the player can walk.

Did you fix this problem?

Came across this video however some options, like converting to other volume types, doesn’t exist. Where the Convert button is in that video is just blank in the editor. I can just make a new volume manually but the character getting stuck on the bottom seems to be a recurring issue I’ve seen in comments on this stuff. Even following that tutorial and the MetalGameStudios videos to the letter results in the character just getting stuck at the bottom of the physics volume despite using their same steps. I tried adjusting the KillZ as well off the prior comment and that has not effect either. Is there other changes you need to make to the character or world that just goes unmentioned and assumed?

The missing convert option for the physics volume is a little annoying but not nearly as much as the swimming setup just not working despite even using the exact steps that others have taken to result in a working setup. Any additional advice for getting swimmable water to work would be appreciated.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘convert’ for physics.

Create a physics volume, check “water volume”. Go into your player, and enable “Can swim”. Add a mesh with your preferred shader for water - ufna’s got a great plugin, and create a post processing volume around the physics volume with a blue scene color.

If that’s not working, I’d open up a new project and try again - I just followed the steps I listed above with a new 4.2.1 First Person project, and it worked.