Sweep for multiple static meshes without 'Simulate Physics' possible?

Hi there!

I tried the following: Create an actor with multiple static meshes attached to it, physics simulation turned off, collision is set to ‘BlockAllDynamic’. Move it by using ‘Set Actor Location’ with ‘Sweep’ enabled. Result: Collision during sweep is only calculated for the root element, all additional static meshes are ignored.

Is there a way for turning collisions on for all attached static meshes during sweep?

Additional Information:
Testing the level, the player does collide with every single mesh - it is only ignored during sweep.
Turning on physics results in collisions for the meshes as well. However, ‘Set Actor Location’ seems not to work in that case and I get a lot of unwanted side effects.
I tried different functions that support sweep, e.g. ‘Add Actor Local Offset’, with identical results.

Any help will be appreciated, thank you!