Sweep Doesn't Block Completely

I am attempting to set up a tank’s canon rotation. It should rotate 360 degrees, unless collision occurs. I am using a sweep on SetActorLocation for collision. However, when it rotates to certain values during collision it’ll slide to a new location. How can I keep it in place at collision instead of warping to a new spot? It seems to estimate to the nearest non-colliding point?

Here’s a video to demonstrate my problem:
Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Hi there, I’m guessing that the problem is coming either from the blueprint you have for rotation of the canon, or from the collision settings on your canon + the surrounding walls. In either case, it would be easier to help if you posted the blueprint for your rotation.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I can take a picture, however, nothing special. Just SetActorLocation with Sweep enabled. Also using the coordinates related to the mouse with sine and cosine. That’s it!