Swarms Machine Limits?


I’ve been using swarm for UE4 at work for around a year now, and though all the render nodes work, there is never a time where every node is used.

I know these are connected, I know they are active and assigned to my PC, they a free and ready to use but for some reason I cant connect to all of the nodes, only a few.

Even with these nodes the bake will take a while and I’d like to use all the resources I can. At the moment several are just sitting there doing nothing. Is there an option for a machine limit? or thread limit that I’m missing as it seems like Swarm is limiting something.


Hi there… did you find a solution/answer to this?

Hey! Yes kind of. I think this was a firewall issue, that our work admin needed to white-list. It could read the machines were there but couldnt access the swarm through the firewall on specific nodes after updates etc