SwarmAgents not Working on Assigned Jobs


  • Remote private Swarm farm in Azure
  • One small VM (sVM-sc) with SwarmCoordinator
  • One high-mem VM (hmVM-sa) with SwarmAgent
  • Local workstation connected to Azure via VPN
  • Local workstation (W-sa) with SwarmAgent
  • sVM-sc sees both hmVM-sa and W-sa in “Available, Unassigned” States
  • W-sa enables “AvoidLocalExecution

Lightmass lighting build bake:

  • W-sa submits Lightmass lighting build
  • sVM-sc assigns job to hmVM-sa
  • hmVM-sa accepts job, in “Available, Assigned to [W-sa]”
  • hmVM-sa never starts “Working for

  • W-sa can ping both sVM-sc and hmVM-sa
  • Both sVM-sc and hmVM-sa can both ping eachother
  • Neither sVM-sc nor hmVM-sa can ping W-sa
  • 8008-8009 are open on all machines in both directions
  • ICMP echo is enabled on all machines in both directions

Referenced UE4/Swarm pages:

What else can we look at for getting hmVM-sa to “work forW-sa ?