Swarm light building on multiple PC's

As the light building time of my projects is growing longer (up to few days), I am trying to setup a local “rendering farm” in my office, by connecting two computers (for now) in the room through the SwarmCoordinator and SwarmAgents (the PCs share a network).

The coordinator saw both PCs as available, but when I started building the lighting only one of them actually started working while the other still responded with “available”.

Can you tell me why is the building not automatically “equally” distributed to the computers? Do I need some further settings to get them all to work on the light building?

thanks in advance

Hi veryy.berry, try settings like this:

Homegroup can be anything but must be same on all PCs running the agent.

The star * is a wildcard and leaving only that means that any computer that is in that group will be assigned.

IP should be the local IP of your coordinator PC.