Swarm farm not networking properly

I am having a problem getting my 2 PC’s setup to swarm properly. The Two have the same settings and recognize each other in the Coordinator.

TERRYS-PC is the coordinator
PWN-PC is the agent

PWN-PC is the one using UE4 doing renders, when I build lightmass PWN-PC renders fine and shows TERRYS-PC below it as all white along with “waiting for remote to become available” and never does.

Startup on coordinator PC (not the one doing ue4 local render)

during build

After the build error

Turned off firewall(s) on both pc’s, didn’t work. Also Pinging the coordinator with swarm on the coordinators pc (TERRYS-PC) doesn’t even work properly, "ping communiation failed, job distributuion will be disabled until the connection is established.

Hi effects,
for some reason your TERRYS-PC ip cannot be verified. It’s using native C# DNS resolve. That may also mean that your coordinator host on the second screenshot is wrong. Could you try changing it to the coordinator’s IP?

Also your “AllowedRemoteAgentNames” are probably wrong. The agent will filter out all host with name that’s not matching the pattern. Try changing it to “*”.

Let me know if that helped.


P. S. You haven’t responded me back for some time, so I’m assuming it helped.