swarm error messages

Hi All,

I know I have posted before in regards to getting swarm working across my render farm over my network. I was unsuccessful for some time and honestly gave up on it because I was spending to much time on trying to solve it.

But today I went back and tried it again and I did find a few things new to try online. While it did not work totally it is by far and away the closest I have gotten. First here a few things I did that helped.

  • Went through my scene and got ride of all duplicate materials…
  • Made sure the CacheFolder was shared and all the agents could get to it
  • Used default settings for the agents

Once I did those things I was actually able to see all the agents load up in the coordinator. I also for the first time saw the other agent loaded in the local swarm agent.

But after all of that once I went to build the lighting I got the following error messages.

See local machine.jpg and agent error.jpg

Anyone have any idea what would be causing this error and how to fix it?